How Many Times Should You Visit Your Doctor?

Many assume that when they are not feeling sick, there is no need of seeing a doctor. However, those with known health problems visit the doctor more often. The question is how often should you visit a doctor?

The sad reality is that many people suffer from life threatening illnesses such as coronary disease, diabetes, sleep apnea, but they show no signs. Probably, you never take time to go for routine checkups.

Chronic Ailments and Doctors Visits

So, when you actually have a chronic ailment, but with no imminent signs, then how often should you see your doctor? Also how will your doctor determine when your next visit should be?

Usually, patients do not put so much thought to the recommendations made by the doctor about their next visit. Is there a guide or textbook that guides doctors when making subsequent appointments for patients with certain ailments? Well, there are no guides or textbooks. However, there are some few grounds that you must take into considerations. Usually the pharmacy overloads do not allow prescriptions to be written that extend over 12 months and most of the clinics and hospitals do not provide prescriptions that extend over one year. This means that those suffering from chronic ailments should be seen by their doctors at least once a year. On the other hand, doctors who are interested in your money as well as your insurance will make you come back as often as possible.

Semi Annual and Biennial

There are some patients who are used to seeing their doctors biennially or semi annually. It would be rather difficult to change their mindset. Such people are skeptical about long durations between their doctors visit. Usually, when doctors make some changes on the medication that the patient is using, they will reschedule another appointment sooner so as to analyze the effects of these drugs on the patients. Those suffering from congestive heart failure often visiting their doctor after every six months or even sooner irrespective of whether they are feeling well or not. Even though the patient is not feeling sick, but they have congestive heart failure, there should visit their doctor as recommended so as to have issues such as their heart rate and blood pressure checked.

So, the question remains, how often should you visit the doctor? There is actually no definite answer for this question because this depends on several issues. Your doctor should come up with a good balance that works for both you. So the number of times that you visit your doctor should be determined on a case-to-case basis. In case the patient is healthy and does not suffer from any ailments, then the doctor should be able to make a prudent judgment on how often this specific patient should go in for a regular check up.