How A Vegan Diet Is Good For Your Health

Being a Vegan is a health choice that people are increasingly taking.  Research and experiences of those who change their diet suggests that becoming Vegan has helped them improve their health, often in quite significant ways.

The first step on the road is actually changing eating habits to become Vegan.  In simple terms this means removing any animal based food from the diet.  This means no meat, fish or dairy products.

So what do people report the health benefits are when they move to a Vegan diet?

General health

From personal reports, people often say that ailments they suffered whilst eating their pre-

Vegan diet cleared up completely.  Good examples of this would be conditions such as Hay fever or Migraines disappearing completely, never to return whilst they continued on their new diet.  Many people also report that allergies completely clear up once they stop eating animal products.

This is a very interesting phenomenon.  The people who are pro Vegan highlight the scientific evidence from various studies that show the reduced health risks from eating a Vegan diet, whereas the sceptics are keen to talk about the studies that show that animal based foods provide health benefits you can’t get elsewhere.  However the stories of success from many people who have changed to a Vegan diet are very compelling.

Levels of Saturated fat

A Vegan diet reduces the amount of saturated fat a person eats quite significantly.  Saturated fat comes from animals, by eating this fat in large quantities which people are when they have a diet rich in animal based food and then changing to a plant based diet they are reducing the amount of saturated fat they eat by a large amount.

It has been proven that if saturated fat is eaten in large quantities it has detrimental effects on a person’s health.

More fibre in the diet

Plant based foods generally have high amounts of fibre.  Fibre is incredibly important in the diet for the health of bowels and making sure that waste is efficiently taken away from the body.  A diet rich in plant based foods is going to be high in fibre without the need for having to worry about getting enough fibre if someone is mainly eating animal based food.


One of the reported benefits from people who switch to a Vegan diet is that they have more energy in general.  It is quite common for a person to say that they have a lot more energy when they move away from animal based food.

Losing weight

A significant health benefit of switching to a plant based diet is the fact that people tend to lose weight quite rapidly.   This is due to a number of factors.  As mentioned before there is less saturated fat in a Vegan diet, there are less calories in plant based foods, and a Vegan diet tends in the most part to be based on natural unprocessed food which helps weight loss.

Cholesterol reduction

A strict Vegan diet will reduce cholesterol completely as plant based food don’t contain cholesterol at all.  For people who have high levels of cholesterol from eating bad diets, switching to becoming vegan can have a significant impact on cholesterol levels quite quickly.

Improvement of iron levels

Iron in the diet is important and plant based foods are excellent for increasing those levels.  Beans have a good amount of iron and some scientific evidence shows that dairy products actually inhibit the uptake of iron in the body.