Helpful Inventions for Folks Who Suffer From Allergies

Whether you suffer from a pollen allergy that only occurs during certain times of the year, to something more serious, such as a food allergy, than can really affect how you live your day to day life, it is somewhat safe to say that allergies are annoying and can really be a real problem. In the United States alone, a whopping 54.3% of the population have tested positive to at least one allergen. These numbers conclude that allergies affect a significant part of the population. It follows that a problem this severe should have at least a few solutions, if only to bring relief to those who do have the problem every single day. While medication is a legitimate way to bring relief to allergies, there have been gutsy men and women who have also proposed other inventions for them. Let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones, in the event that you want to treat your allergies with something other than a pill.

The Auvi-Q is an invention of twin brothers who have continually suffered from food allergies since childhood. Their doctor advised them to always carry their meds, in the form of an EpiPen, a device by the company Mylan, Inc. . However, the twins found themselves always forgetting the device, especially when they were in college. This is when they realized that they needed a better way. This is when they came up with the Auvi-Q, an anti-allergy gadget shaped like a smartphone and contains epinephrine. The Auvi-Q was released in February of 2013, and its inventors are hopeful that it will appeal to the younger, more gadget crazy market, who incidentally, also suffer from allergies.

Next, we examine a new treatment for nasal allergies. So many people suffer from nasal allergies that pop up at different times of the year. A company called Capnia are currently testing intranasal carbon dioxide shots. The ones behind the study are claiming that these shots bring allergy relief to nasal allergies that could last anywhere between 4 to 6 hours. The most notable positive effect of the shots is the lack of nasal congestion, a common symptom and one that is normally difficult to get rid of.

Some of the latest allergy inventions don’t necessarily involve popping something into the body. Honeywell’s invention is a perfect example. The company has come up with an air purifier that comes with HEPA approved filters that is able to capture about 99.97 of air pollution that is supposed to pass through. Of course, it follows that when dust, mold, pollen and other common allergens are filtered, one is less likely to get into sneezing or coughing fits.

These three are great examples of science’s small victories against allergies. While there is good reason to get excited about these current offerings, we should even be more excited for other allergy invention ideas that will eventually come about. With all of the news discoveries on controlling allergies, we are hopeful that the condition will soon be a thing of the past.